2020 L.H.D


Exterior Styling, general description

An exclusive styling kit with several options for those who want to personalise their car and enhance the car's existing excellent driving characteristics.

Exterior Styling Kit

The styling offer consists of a colour matched front spoiler and uniquely designed bottom sill, a boot lid colour matched spoiler, unique exhaust end pipes and a colour matched rear diffuser with chrome insert.

Spoiler for boot lid

A colour matched boot lid spoiler that enhances your car's personality.

Double integrated end pipes

Unique double end pipes that enhance the car's sporty character. The dual end pipes give the impression of four end pipes that protrude in a powerful and exclusive way.

Double integrated end pipes and diffuser

The double end pipes give an impression of four end pipes. This gives the vehicle a more powerful look from the back and enhances the car's sporty character.