2017 L.H.D

Exterior styling package 3 Rugged Luxury with side scuff plate

Workshop installation recommended

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Op. No.: 89150

The following products are included in Rugged Luxury with "Side scuff plate":

Front skid plate. A styling element for the front of the car that gives a robust look and enhances the car's attitude. A unique lower spoiler in the "Tech Black Matt" colour, which has a fully integrated skid plate in brushed stainless steel. In addition, a lower black painted grille is included with a unique pattern that replaces the car's standard fitted lower grille.

Front decor frame. A unique and exclusive accessory that enhances the dynamic look of the front. "Front decor frame" has several chrome finished surfaces and unique painted grille pattern, to perfectly match the car's other styling elements. These decor frames replace the car's standard fitted front decor frames.

Sill mouldings with Side scuff plate. A styling element that gives the car more attitude and gives the sill area a more elegant appearance. An exclusive sill moulding in "Tech Black matt" colour with a fully integrated scuff plate made of brushed stainless steel. This integrated Side scuff plate creates an exterior colour coded theme together with "Body kit for sides". Replaces the car's standard fitted sill mouldings.

Body kit for sides. A highly visible and exclusive body kit consisting of door mouldings and wheel arch extensions in "Tech black matt". This body kit enhances the car's luxurious appearance and exclusive SUV character.

Rear skid plate A unique rear styling element which is highly visible and exclusive. It consists of a lower bumper section in "Tech Black matt" colour with an integrated skid plate made of brushed stainless steel with fully integrated exhaust end pipes at each end. These exhaust end pipes also include unique double end pipes that give a powerful and exclusive look.

For cars with "Park Assist Pilot"

Part. No.Description
39848690001, Primed
31650400Tech Black matt

For cars without "Park Assist Pilot"

Part. No.Description
39848826001, Primed
+ Primer
Part. No.
+ Front decor frame
Part. No.Description
31428890Excl. Twin EngineInstallation Instruction
31428891Twin EngineInstallation Instruction
+ Sill mouldings with Side scuff plates
Part. No.Description
39848344001, PrimedInstallation Instruction
+ Rear skid plate
Part. No.Description
31650307Excl. CL, MX, PE
+ End pipes
Part. No.Description
31414502-18, T8 AWD (B4204T35, B4204T28), Ch -358701
31414502-18, T6 (B4204T27, B4204T29), Ch -358701
32207532T5 (B4204T20, B4204T23, B4204T26)
32207532D5 (D4204T11, D4204T23)
32207532D4 (D4204T6, D4204T14)
+ Information sticker for cars fitted with "Foot movement detection (FMDM)"
Part. No.Description
32207971Excl. CN
+ Location sticker for cars fitted with "Foot movement detection (FMDM)"
Part. No.
+ Application, for cars with "Parking assistance" 1
Part. No.
+ Application, for vehicles with "Foot motion detection (FMDM)" ² ¹
Part. No.

Recommended accessories:

22" 6-Double Spoke Matt Tech Black - 800138. An exclusive aluminium rim with a clear dynamic and angular design that further enhances the sporty and rugged look.

Technical data


VCC08632, VCC08379, VCC08630

Accessory weight:

30 kg (66 lbs)


Not suitable for R-design.


For cars equipped with touch-free power operated tailgate, the sensor is moved from the centre of the rear bumper to the left-hand corner of the rear bumper when installing this styling kit. See Figure 4.


For the best finish over time, we recommend that all metal parts are cleaned and waxed on a regular basis. This is particularly important during winter due to the effects of road salt. To clean and maintain plastic parts, a special cleaning agent is recommended, which is available at your local Volvo dealer.

  1. Ordered according to separate procedure and downloaded using VIDA.
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