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Rear camera washer

Workshop installation recommended

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Op. No.: 36385

Keep your rear camera free of dirt and dust with Volvo's practical washer.

Simply pressing the button on the right-hand stalk switch for the rear windscreen washer activates the wash, cleaning the rear view camera lens quickly and effectively, whether the car is stationary or moving. Since it is integrated with the car's rear windscreen water system, the rear camera lens is cleaned every time you wash the rear windscreen.

With regular use, the washer helps maintain good visibility through the rear view camera, making reversing easier.

The rear camera washer is supplied as a complete kit with camera nozzle, tailgate handle, Y-connector, hose and cable tie.

Part. No.
32390891Installation Instruction

Facts and advantages

  • Activated by a simple press of the button on the right-hand stalk switch, making it easy to use even when driving.

  • Keep your rear camera lens free of dirt, dust and other pollutants for a clearer and more detailed camera image.

  • With the washer installed, the driver no longer needs to clean the rear camera lens manually as before, which is not only convenient, it also reduces the risk of accidental damage to the lens from scratches during manual cleaning.

Technical data


Plastic and rubber

Accessory weight:

100 g






Start the rear windscreen and rear camera washer using the right-hand stalk switch. For more information, see the car's owner manual.


It is recommended that the washer be installed by a Volvo workshop to ensure correct integration with the car's existing system and prevent damage to the car's electrical and mechanical components.

Last updated: 6/18/2024