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Aluminum rims, general description

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Aluminum rims reduce the suspensions' unsprung weight compared to steel wheels of corresponding size. This makes it easy for the suspension and shock absorbers to ensure that there is good contact between the wheels and the road surface. This makes for better road holding and greater driving pleasure. However a smart design is not sufficient for an aluminum rim to be approved as a genuine Volvo rim.

- The material is important!

An aluminum rim consists of several different metals mixed to provide the right properties. The slightest negligence would result in a brittle rim. The rim would easily crack when in contact with curbs or other similar obstacles resulting in a flat tire.

- Heat dissipation properties

The rim must be well ventilated and have good heat dissipation properties, suitable for all cars. Unsuitable combinations can occur that endanger important safety functions such as the cooling of the brakes.

- Anti-corrosion protection

Several non-Volvo wheels do not have good protection against corrosion, which means that they quickly lose their attractiveness.

Volvo aluminum rims are painted with 3 layers with a clear coat surface layer. All rims also have pretreatment base to increase protection against corrosion.

- Centering on the hub

Most non-Volvo rims are compromised in design to suit numerous cars. This means that very often they are only centered against the wheel studs. This makes for poor centering against the hub and results in imbalance. This together with wide tires is a very uncomfortable combination for the owner.

Volvo aluminum wheels are centered on the hub with extremely small tolerances. In combination with small lateral run-out and roundness tolerances, this ensures good wheel balance.

Last updated: 4/28/2022