Sun blind, rear window

Sun blind, rear window

Op. No.: 88230

Volvo's attractive and discreet blind is enclosed in an aluminium cassette that is colour coordinated to match the interior of the car, and it provides effective protection against heat and sunlight.

It is fitted behind the loudspeakers in a prepared recess in the parcel shelf, which means it is fully integrated. The blind is raised as a roller blind and it is hooked into existing sockets in the roof.

The blind is manufactured in anthracite semi-woven fabric and provides good shielding of the light with minimal effect on the view behind.

The car is prepared for the blind, which is easy to install using the two enclosed screws.

Part. No.Description
8624222Grey, Excl. CN
8641254Beige, Excl. CN
8641255Oak, Excl. CN
8624222Grey, S60 R, Excl. CN
8641254Beige, S60 R, Excl. CN
8641255Oak, S60 R, Excl. CN

Technical data


Grey, Granite, Beige, Oak

Accessory weight:

1.6 kg (3.5 lbs)

Last updated: 6/5/2020