Volvo's pillow provides a comfortable support for the head, and is well suited for your car. It has pliable padding covered by an exclusive material. The pillow is designed to provide good comfort and with its stylish design fits well with the car's interior.

Hlavová opěrka

Hlavová opěrka Volvo představuje pohodlnou podporu pro hlavu díky svým měkkým materiálům a vysoké tvárnosti.

Rear seat guard (Excl. CN)

A rear seat guard, practical if you want to transport your golf bag in the rear seat for example. Also great for when you want to pick up the children from outdoor practices or transport your pet without risking a dirty interior.


Windblocker (Excl. CN)

A wind deflector that blocks high speed wind turbulence from the driver and the front seat passenger. As the wind deflector has zippers it is easy to access any luggage in the rear seat.

Electric engine heater (excl. GB)

An electric engine heater and passenger compartment heater ensure that the car is warm and comfortable to climb into, even on very cold winter mornings. Starting an already warm engine subjects the engine to less wear and consumes less fuel, thereby producing fewer harmful exhaust fumes.

Remote start, fuel-driven heater

This remote transmitter can be invaluable on cold winter days when you want to activate the heater but not go out to the car. The heater can be equipped with a remote control consisting of a receiver mounted in the car and a small transmitter unit.

Topení do prostoru pro cestující (Mimo CN, GB)

Kompaktní a účinná jednotka vytápění prostoru pro cestující, umožňující snadnou instalaci. Jednotka vytápění prostoru pro cestující je široká pouze 53 mm a automaticky se přizpůsobuje teplotě okolí. Při správném umístění ve vozidle zajišťuje mimořádně účinné vytápění i odmlžování.

Protective car cover

An elegant protective cover specially designed to protect the C70 from dirt when it is not used for extended periods of time.

Úložné prostory

Cup holder, center console

Insert for cup holder with space for two cups of different sizes, alternative if you want ashtray installed.

Ashtray, front

Functional ashtray with cover fitted in one of the cupholders in the center console between driver and passenger.